Amba fighters have turned to film producers, not “Defense Forces”

The people of Tadu village in Bui gave general No pity a heroic welcome, just a few days ago. we all shared the video and jubilated that our defense forces are feeling free with the people, and not kidnapping them for Ransom.

Just yesterday Sunday night Cameroon Military entered the same Tadu village to bring the war to No pity. And to my greatest surprise, “Film Masha” No Pity ran into the bush and abandonned the people instead of defending them.

The Military burnt homes, destroyed properties, and captured civilians who will be tortured to get information. If Amba boys are really our defense forces, so why not defend the population? fense forces”

And by releasing these Pictures, it makes it extra easy for the Enemy to identify the population, and target them for arrest, intimidation, and intelligence gathering.. Why are these Amba boys so stupid? Fighting a war is not about making Facebook Videos and getting likes.

Mark Bareta

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