Edith Ngang confirms that she has been indicted by US DOJ

Edith Ngang, known to ambazonians as Ma Ngang, confirms in an Audio clip (5.37) below, that she has been indicted by the US government DOJ. Listen to the Audio for yourself, and get Mark Bareta Opinions below..

Ma Ngang Audio sent via WhatsApp, confirming that she has been indicted by the AG of Maryland

Edith Ngang says.. Her indictment should not cause anyone to stop what they are doing. Her charges were filed since June 01, 2021, which means an investigation must have been going on for months if not years. It is quit possible that Ma Ngang has already entered a Plea deal, and is spying on ambazonia for the FBI.

Mark Bareta advises all ambazonians to stay away from Ma Ngang, and stop all dealings and transactions with her. She is now a clear and existential threat to Ambazonians. Ma Ngang will not go down alone, she will plead to save herself, and so doing, she will sacrifice others to save her skin. Why did she not notify ambazonians as soon as she was indicted? Why did it take 10 days until the news came out from agents of LRC?

If Ma Ngang is not wearing a wire and working for the FBI, then why is she making statements such as “The American government is a cooperation”, etc.. She is castigating the most powerful country in the world, a country that has already indicted her. It is either stupidity or she is already tainted and working for the FBI. It is clear now that the FBI is monitoring ambazonians’ phones, finances, contacts and communications, all ambazonians must be very careful, the days ahead are uncertain. It is my opinion that many more ambazonians in the diaspora will be indicted, and many will plead and sell out the struggle, and the domino effect will lead to a catastrophic unravelling of ambazonia revolution if we are not careful.

Protect yourselves. Stay away from all those who have been indicted. They knew it and hid it for a reason.

We have been formally notified now, that the USA is a Blackleg against our struggle, and we are not just fighting against LRC and Blacklegs, but we are fighting against the world.

Mark Bareta

June 11, 2021

Ma Ngang edith indicted
Ma Ngang edith indicted

Mark Bareta

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