LRC Buea mountain race of hope is going on smoothly

Do you remember how in 2019, the LRC Minister of sports entered #Buea in a special Armourd vehicle? We were all posting on Facebook, indicating how much we are putting pressure on LRC.

That was back then. Today, as I write this note, the LRC Mountain race of Hope is going on SMOOTHLY.. Not even a single COUGH from ambazonians. Not even an ATTEMPT to disrupt the event.

LRC Minister is walking around freely in Buea, no protection. What message does that send to our people and the international community at large?

This is so painful because.. This comes after LRC successfully organised and held CHAN competition in #Limbe and Buea in 2021, and they followed through to organise and hold AFCON in Limbe and Buea SUCCESSFULLY in 2022, despite all the noise from ambazonians in the diaspora. And others are preoccupied with fighting for power, president this and president that. 🤦🏾‍♂️ 😭

BaretaNews Exclusive
February 19th, 2022

Mark Bareta

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