My solution to ambazonia infighting. Mark Bareta

I took notice of the new leadership of the Interim Government under the command of Dr. Emmanuel Tita & Vice-President Marianta. This came after the Restoration Council removed Dr. Samuel Ikome Sako as President. It’s my hope that these new faces will operate differently/sanely

However, what are the realities?
1.There has been no creation of a new IG,
2.The original IG has just factionalized into 3 factions,
3. Dr. Samuel Sako now leads his faction with his own following,
4.Dr. Emmanuel Tita now leads his with his own following and Yerimah leads his

We cannot deny the fact that we have three IGs with all of them claiming legitimacy. We cannot deny that it has factionalized Ambazonians/fighters deciding which faction to support. When we begin to accept these realities, we will begin to find credible solutions. Now our problem is no longer LRC. We have to look at inhouse problems first.

Dr. Tita – President of IG3
Marianta – VP of IG3

My solution is simple.

Let us accept that the idea of a government has been a TOTAL FAILURE. Let all the IGs and AGovC transform into groups with their following. Let all groups return to the SCACUF template in what I call AMBAZONIA REVOLUTIONARY COUNCIL. This is the solution. But I also know that this will NEVER happen. Everyone is fighting for their personal Interest. For example. If this solution is implemented, all these titles of Presidents will disappear, no more rents and free flights and eating Red Lobsters, No more contributions to “President’s basket”. So this is the solution, we know it, but at the same time, we know it will NEVER HAPPEN.

Mark Bareta

February 17th, 2022

Mark Bareta

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