Na who yi pa this? Capo Daniel vs Fru John Nso

Capo Daniel, (Lukong Daniel on Facebook) real name Ngong Daniel wrote this on Facebook today..


Why is this man so evil. This is beyond comprehension. I can understand why Michel Biem Tong an the rest of the francophone cabal are saying what they says about Cho Ayaba. You don’t expect much from frogs and activist wannabes who can receive chicken change from Sako.

Luong Daniel (Capo Daniel) on Facebook

But I can’t understand Lawyer Fru John Nsoh saying what he says about Cho Ayaba. He is from Mankon like Cho Ayaba. At least when he make up stories against Sisiku Ayuk Tabe , one can rationalise it because he was fired and maybe frustrated. But his constant anger and hatred of Ayaba Cho is a strange phenomenon for me. It’s one thing to hate a man who does not fit the box but to lie constantly and ask for the assassination of youth from your own village who have given up the comfort of life to fight as freedom fighters is something I do not comprehend.

I will spend my Shabbat to intercede for any evil spirit in Lawyer Fru John Nso to be cast out.

Capo Daniel

Ya Own Kontri Man

Capo Daniel on Facebook
Capo Daniel – Real Name Ngong Emmanuel

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