Oliver Lekeaka camp attacked and destroyed 17 Jul 2021. Oliver ran like a rat

The Cameroon military are displaying “Harvest” from Field marshalls camp. After they attacked the hideout, Oliver managed to escape.. These are the items collected by the Cameroon (BIR) military.. On 17 July 2021.

The military say they ran like rats.. 🐀.. Why didn’t they stand to defend their animal hideouts?

Are we seeing the end of the Red dragons of Lebialem? There are rumores that red dragons have only 12 boys left.. In 2018, there were over 800 of them.. Where are they? DDR, dead, or escaped because the war is more than them.

The only reason Oliver managed to escape was because he planted “security guards” several kms from his main hiding hole.. As the military killed the few guards, Oliver took to the forest, abandoned his few boys to die to protect him..

These are the uniforms that he usually uses to make those propaganda films.. That makes him known as the film Marshal of Lebialem.

Mark Bareta

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