Why are amba boys leaving the fight and running to DDR or Nigeria? BaretaNews on Assah Julius aka Colonel Tiger of Lebialem

BaretaNews on Assah Julius aka Colonel Tiger who left Amba in #Lebialem and joined DDR center Buea. Ayeke was killed 13 Oct 2020, and within the next 2 weks, all his boys dropped, some went to DDR, and the rest to Nigeria.

Videos – 24 Sep 2020 he was Amba Colonel Tiger. And by 27 Oct 2020, he was at DDR Center Buea. Ayeke was killed 13 Oct 2020, not 23rd.
This publication by MKPD just 27 Oct 2020, 13 days after Ayeke was killed, his whole camp unravelled, and they surrendered to DDR Centers

The truth is that despite all ambazonians want to say, MKPD has been effective with his social media activism, and has sensitised thousands of amba boys to drop their guns. The second thing is the infighting within ambazonians, amba boys killing amba boys have forced some fighters to flee to LRC. Then there is the issue of money. the struggle is running dry of financial backing, so some of the boys are now openly involved in kidnapping for ransoms. The kidnappings and atrocities of the amba boys have generated thousands of Blacklegs, and the blacklegs are now fighting back viciously.


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