Ground Zero (GZ) Rejects ADF’s One Month Lockdown

Ground Zero (GZ) Rejects ADF One Month Lockdown. Capo Daniel says this is a big big Blow for Ambazonia. The Lockdown was not effective because of internal sabotage. The ADF had planned to launch #OperationSunrise during this lockdown, to take over Lebialem from the grips of Chris Anu, and Install “generals” in Lebialem that will pay allegiance to ADF.

Capo Daniel and the ADF even tried to terrorise the people to force people to stay at home out of fear and it still did not work. A few cars were burnt to intimidate and terrorise people to observe the lockdown, and it still did not work.

People all over from #Ndu, #Bamenda, #Batibo, #Wum, #Kumba, #Limbe, #Buea went about their normal activities. It is quite clear that the people in these affected areas are fed up with the lockdowns, ghost towns and forced School boycott.

In 2016, anglophones willingly instituted Ghost towns without anyone threatening them. It was a collection social disobedience. Over the years, the population has been stretched to the limits and impoverished by this strategy of self-inflicted economic sabotage. These people no longer want these ghost towns and lockdowns. The people are forced to respect ghost towns through intimidation, terrorist attacks and violence. And this is how Blacklegs are created.

In the next video, we will let Chris Anu explain how the rise of the Blacklegs contributed to the increased eradication of amba boys on GZ.

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