#OperationSunrise was Ayaba Cho’s smart idea to take over #Lebialem from Chris Anu, after Oliver Lekeaka was killed

MUST WATCH VIDEO TILL THE END. #OperationSunrise was Ayaba Cho’s smart idea to take over #Lebialem from Chris Anu, after Oliver Lekeaka was killed. One of the main suspect for killing Oliver is the ADF. We have reported that big Number Efang is the one who carried out the assassination on 12 July 2022.

After eliminating Oliver and destroying the Red Dragons, the next logical step was to Seize territory and fill the void that was left after Oliver was killed.

There are fewer than 20 Amba Boys left in the whole of Lebialem who are still active. Ayaba Cho gathered #ambaBoys from Lebialem, #Momo, #Bui, #Mezam and all over the territory, and assembled them in Batibo for OperationSunrise. The idea was to use these foreign amba boys to re-enforce “General Bride” and make him overall general in Lebialem.

Ofcourse, General Bride will pay Allegiance to ADF, and Bride will then pay Capo Daniel and Ayaba Cho Locas a lot of money as a percentage of the proceeds of the ambazonia business from Lebialem, kidnapping for ransoms and extortion business.


Since the Red Dragons have been wiped out, Chris Anu has no fighting force left in Lebialem. They have been desperately trying to rebuild the broken red dragons to no avail. When Anu learned of Ayaba Cho’s plans to take over Lebialem, Chris Anu leaked the intel to General Bouba through his contact Colonel Bankoui in the Cameroon Military.

This is how General Bouba was able to effectively attack ADF mother camp on the eve of the launch of OperationSunrise, thereby killing the takeover by Ayaba Cho in Lebialem.


Since 2018, dozens of ADF fighters were killed and many driven out of the SW region. The excuse was that “ADF is a #Bamenda man yi thing”. Even in Lebialem, Oliver Lekeaka (Film Marshal) of #Red_Dragons once murdered 11 ADF fighters in one afternoon. After years of fighting eachother and killing dozens of ambaboys amongst themselves, Oliver succeeded to completely wipe out the ADF from Lebialem.

General Ayeke split from the Red Dragons because of fighting over control and money. Ayeke left Red Dragons with Beltus Ateason, Asongu Bride and 10 other boys to create the #Gorrilas_of_Alou. As a result, infighting between Red Dragons and Gorrilas of Alou led to more killings, amba vs amba.

Beltus Ateasong left in 2019 and joined DDR Buea. When Ayeke was killed by the Cameroon military on 13 October 2020, Asongu Bride became General Bride, and took over control of the three boys that remained in the Gorrilas of Alou.

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