Ambazonians Indicted in the USA – Facing lengthy prison sentences

The indictments of ambazonians in the USA. Saving the Soul of the Revolution.

Eric Tataw Tano

The first ambazonian arrested in July 2019 was Tamufor St. Michael, who entered into a plea deal and sold information to the DOJ. He led the Feds to multiple search warrants and subsequent indictment and arrest of Roger Akem, who also sold the revolution. They enter the plea deal in exchange for a shorter prison sentence.

Roger Akem led the investigators DIRECTLY to implicate 12 other ambazonians (including Edith Ngang and Walters muma) who have been indicted in the USA as well. Now, all these people face lengthy jail time, up to 25 years in jail for theor part in sponsoring, and arming amba boys on the ground.

We tried to hide all these indictments since 2019, but ambazonians deserve to know the truth, especially since they are no longer a secret. We are at a cross roads with this revolution. If our leaders abroad start getting targeted, if we do not feel safe in the countries we reside in, like the USA, then the soul of the revolution will not be saved. It would have all been for nothing.

Eric Tataw Tano
National Telegraph
Wednesday July 7, 2021

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