Cameroon military destroy amba boys camp in GS Tabah, Kumbo

Cameroon πŸ‡¨πŸ‡² Military attacked amba camp in Tabah, #Kumbo and destroyed all their odeshi and working tools.

The revelations from the images below are shocking even to some of us who have sponsored ambazonia all these years. It is really true that these boys have become occultists.. This particular camp was based in Government School Tabah, and the boys had a cultist motto is: “THERE IS NO GOD”, written all over the school they took over and converted to a Camp. There goes our God ordained revolution 😭

To make matters worse, the school classrooms were used as lockup cells for their kidnapped victims. When waiting for ransom to be paid, their victims were locked up without access to toilet, the captives would sleep on bare ground in one corner of the room, while defecating and urinating in the opposite corner in the same small room. 😭

Some kidnapped victims Bere freed during the raid by LRC military. We cannot confirm the exact number of freed victims at this time.

BaretaNews Exclusive has a contact on the ground in Wum, and she says the LRC military has the policy of not showing neutralised amba boys, but she is confident that some of the amba kidnappers were neutralised and their belongings destroyed, but the school building was not destroyed.

This is part of the ongoing military operation sanctioned by the governor Lele Afrique, to destroy amba boys after the beheadings of Theodore Kigha, Immaculate Kume’s brother and three other warders. We have been briefed that the LRC military are pursuing amba all over #Bui in operations that will last at least two months.

April 23rd, 2022
Mark Bareta.

Mark Bareta

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