Eric Tataw Tano (Garri Master) gets advise from Tapang Ivo Tanku

Garri Process is one of the most dangerous “policy” or “strategy” to get independence for the people of the former British Southern Cameroons. The Garri Process was a policy started by Eric Tataw Tano, to “garri” or to cut off the hands or fingers of people who failed to obey “Ghost Towns” imposed by separatist movements.

Eric Tataw Tano (Garri Master) calls for women’s hands to be chopped off (Garri process) for disrespecting “ghost towns”
Tapang Ivo Tanku Sounds the alarm about the “Garri Process”

Many people have been killed and maimed as a result of this strategy/policy. In this video, Tapang Ivo Tanku advised Eric Tataw to reverse the policy and plead with the Amba boys not to cut off people’s fingers and hands.

Susy sparks is a Cameroonian lady who hails from Manyu, same tribe as Eric Tataw. Eric Tataw specifically called for her hands to be cut off, for attending women’s day celebrations that were banned by separatists. Susy Sparks is a federalist, who stands for a One and Indivissible Cameroon under a 10 State Federation.

These are some of the actions, words and atrocities that have generated the level of “Blacklegs” that have infiltrated, and destroyed the Southern Cameroons revolution. Madam Ayafor Beheading, etc etc etc..

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