Kidnapping and Ransom Taking by amba boys in Bafut


Sama Claude was a 35 year old business man, a father of two. On around March 13th, 2022 Mr Claude was kidnapped by #ambaBoys. He was murdered, by one single gunshot to the head at close range. His body was dumped in a farm, and his car (White Jeep) was stolen by the murderers.

When his mother went to beg for his corpse, the amba boys kidnapped his mother ontop of the murder of her son.

Chris Anu says these are TERRORIST fighters, who are harassing our people, worse than LRC.

Bishop John Egwayan, former Sec of state for Defense under Sako Ikome, says the phenomenon of kidnapping for ransoms, and ambazonia fighters have turned to making money from the revolution, some in the diaspora are using ARFs to settle scores on ground zero, and it is not a business of killing our own people, and it happens all over 13 states of ambazonia. It is really a sad situation where many of our people have turned their backs on this fight.

Victim’s brother reacts to the disgraceful situation of amba boys kidnapping our people for ransom, and killing our civilians randomly. This is what we have been hiding and lying about. Back in the Days we were told to come and lie that it was Atanga Nji boys. Truth is, wata don pass garri, and we have no option than to finally expose the dirty things in public, to try and correct them and stop them from happening.

THERE IS NOTHING like Atanga Nji Boys. The atrocities are being comitted by amba boys who have taken this fight as a personal business, making a lot of money. We know these things and we were hiding it, but we cannot hide it any longer.

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Chris Anu was Live on March 14, 2022

Sama Claude Kidnapped and murdered by amba boys in Bafut 13 Mar 2022
Sama Claude Kidnapped and murdered by amba boys in Bafut 13 Mar 2022

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