Mr Andrew Epule Monoke has been rewarded for fighting against amba

Mr Andrew Epule Monoke was the DO of Jakiri, and targetted by ambazonia fighters for assasination. He has fought hard against amba in Jakiri, and has been rewarded by the Biya Regime.

Andrew Monoke Epule, Former DO of Jakiri, now Atache at the Presidency of Cameroon in Yaounde.

President Biya has appointed senior Officials at the Presidency.

Among the newly appointed are;

  • Prof George Ewane…. appointed Technical Adviser at the Presidency of the Republic.
  • Monoke Andrew Epule, former DO of Jakiri… appointed Attache to the President’s Secretariat.
President Paul Biya of Cameroon

These are just some of the posts amba made about him on Facebook, and as a result, he was rewarded and promoted.

Mark Bareta

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