Reporting the excesses of Amba boys – Kidnappings and Ransom Taking in Limbe

Hello Mark Bareta, I am writing to you from Berlin Germany…

This is my senior Brother who was kidnapped in Mike Limbe by Amba Boys in that Area. He was beating almost to dead. After my family paid the Ransom (500,000 Frs) they asked, they later abandoned him somewhere and called my family to pick him up.

Look at his situation. I am a die hearted Ambasonian.

The Guy is now suffering von multiple organs failour. He was transported thi morning from Limbe Hospital with the Ambulance to Buea for kidney failour check

Reported Speech by the brother of the victim

In the past, we used to cover the excesses and atrocities committed by amba boys, but that was a mistake. When we lie that these atrocities are committed by “atanga Nji boys”, it means we condone and make excuses for such terrible behaviour.

By our silence and cover up, we encouraged these bad behaviours to continue to this extent where our people feel safer with LRC army than with our fighters. And we sit abroad and wonder why our people are turning to Blacklegs every single day? How can we run a liberation struggle where our people are running from the liberator and going towards the oppressor?? Does that make sense to you? These kind of things need to stop.

momo account used by the kidnappers
momo account used by the kidnappers

680-662-872 is the Mobile Money account used by the kidnappers. Any amba boy caught doing this should be neutralised. And although we know that some of them are forced to do it to eat, because money donated abroad was used to pay Rents, sleep in hotels, eat Crabs and Red Lobster. It is a terrible thing.

Imagin if you were the gentleman in Germany who’s brother was kidnapped, tortured, and ransom collected. If he was sponsoring the struggle, what do you think he will do now? Do you think he will still continue to give his money after experiencing this? Think about it.

Mark Bareta

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