Sako Ikome Earns 4.3 Million Frs every month as President of Ambazonia

According to Sebastian Mbariku, Sako Ikome earns on a monthly basis..
•$2,500 for Rents, $700 for food,
•$3,000 allowance plus additional
•$1,000 for transportation
Total = $7,200 USD a month.

Sebastian Mbariku was the financial and personal assistant to Sako Ikome.

Sako was initially called the Acting Interim President (AIP) then he moved to consolidate power and called himself Interim President and finally now calls himself President, Sako till Buea.

Chris Anu in 2022 vs Chris Anu in 2019 – See the contradiction. On 16 March 2022, Chris Anu said Sako is the only one who has earned a Salary in the ambazonia Struggle. But in 2019, this same Chris Anu, as the Sec of communications for Sako (PIG), he went out to tell lies that No one’s bills were paid. Listen to him yourself and make the connections. When you see Chris Anu fighting against Sako today, it is because Sako betrayed him, and ate some of the money on his own, like the CDC Deal.

Sako Earns over 4.3 Million Frs CFA every month ($7,200) according to MTTB reports, Sebastian Mbariku

They are birds of the same feather, conmen who call themselves pastors and use the name of God to rip off gullible compatriots. The number ONE manipulator and conman of ambazonia is Chris Anu, followed by Sako Ikome.

The saddest reality is that anyone in the USA can get a job and earn a living, meanwhile jobless pastors like Sako and Chris Anu have instead seen ambazonia fight as a means to make a living on the blood of our people.

AmbaBoys are dying in the bushes without even food to eat. Hundreds of amba boys have been killed because they do desperate things to make money to survive, from kidnappings to roadblocks and checkpoints…

Imagine 4.3 million frs a month, for over 3 years that has been paid to Sako Ikome alone. This is over 122 Million Frs CFA that could have gone to refugees or fighters, instead we collect the money to sponsor the lavish lifestyle of conmen, fake pastors like Sako Ikome and Chris Anu criminal syndicate.

This is so aching, and every ambazonians home and abroad should be sick to their stomach.

Mark Bareta

March 19th, 2022

Mark Bareta

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