009 Etienne, responds to BaretaNews

After our reporting yesterday on Why are amba fighters running to the DDR Centers? The case of Etienne 009, we were quite surprised to receive a video message from the ex-amba boy in question. Sitting in a dirty looking background similar to a prison courtyard, he is yelling like a mad dog, decrying how diaspora have caused the deaths of several amba boys. He threatens that when the diaspora return, there will be another war. Watch the video below for yourself.

Etienne is a professional 419 scammer now in Nigeria, who is double dealing from both sides, (LRC DDR and Amba). His main aim now is to survive, by scamming anyone who comes close to him.

Mark Bareta

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  1. Mark Bareta you are a capital fool, professional Gigolo, you have nothing to contribute in the life of Cameroonians, we know u from molyko, till today

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