Where do BlackLegs come from? Nche Felix case study

Felix Nche is a strong ambazonian supporter from Alabukam, Bamenda. He has regularly sponsored the Ambazonia defense forces (ADF) amba boys, and supported them financially, spying for them, and reporting Cameroon military movements to the amba boys.

On this particular day, June 6th 2021, the same ADF amba boys demanded him to support the struggle. It all happened in Ntarikon. He gave the amba boys 50,000 Frs CFA instead of the 100,000 Frs they demanded, so the amba boys gave him snake beatings in public at Ntarikon, seized everything he had including his phone. He reported the matter to Capo Daniel of ADF and provided this photo evidence to Capo Daniel.

Nche Felix, Ambazonia Sponsor in Alabukam, Bamenda
Nche Felix, Ambazonia Sponsor in Alabukam, Bamenda

We are bringing this story out with Mr Nche Felix’s permission, as a way to tell his story how the struggle is being destroyed by he same people who say they are fighting the struggle.

Mr Nche felix wants those “terrorists” who tortured him to be held accountable so that it should never happen again. Mr Nche and Capo Daniel know that these are the kind of atrocities that turn many anglophones against the struggle. This is how BlackLegs are created. This is the problem ambazonia has.

The concern is whether ambazonia can ever achieve independence using this strategy of fighting against the same people that the amba boys say they are here to defend.

After the amba boys attacked Mr Felix Nche, they promised to come back for him because he resisted arrest. When the amba boys were beating him, he managed to escape from their grip and literally ran for his life. The boys wanted to take him to their camp to hold him captive until a ransom was paid. He was lucky to escape, but now his life is at risk. Mr Felix Nche, tel: +237675134883, is married and has a family.

Mr Felix also reported this matter to Commander Capo, who confirmed that he knew the amba boys who carried out the attack, and that they were definitely working under the ADF.

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