They are Blacklegs. Chris Anu and the Sako IG faction mock Akwanga and Ayaba Cho

Chris Anu & Fru John Nso mock Akwanga and Ayaba Cho on so-called ABC amba TV live on Facebook. They ask, Where are their fighters fighting, and are they still in the revolution? Are they agents of LRC?

Chris Anu says Ebenezer Akwanga is a Blackleg, and John Egwayan said Akwanga is an Enabler. Chris Anu says..

Ebenezer is a blackleg. He has been meeting with Cameroonian officials like Eko Eko. They met in Ghana, and arrived at a resolution. Ebenezer was supposed to bring other ambazonians such as Dr Sako, to meet secretly, privately. Ebenezer also contacted other members of act. Ebenezer announced the ghost town shutdown to prove to LRC that SOCADEF is able to enforce something.. He wants to present himself as a major player.

Chris Any, on ABC Amba Page on Facebook Live

Ayaba Cho is a Killer. All those kidnappings are conducted by the ADF. And they should know that our Restoration forces will come after them. Cross and die, Tiger in Bafut, and the Alabukam camps are kidnapping people and taking ransoms. We have a job to do. We have to decimate them.

Fru John Nsoh, on ABC Amba facebook Live

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