Opopo and SOCADEF are enemies of the Revolution. They must be taken out.

This is one of very Few pictures of Ambazonian “general” Opopo of Munyenge, under SOCADEF. Their boss is Ebenezer Akwanga, who has been declared as a BlackLeg and a threat to the revolution.

All ADF is at alert in the Southern zone. There will be no room for LRC enablers and infiltrators.

Opopo’s number ONE job is kidnapping farmers, collecting ransoms and sending the money to Akwanga in the USA. They must be stopped. They are tarnishing the image of our revolution.

Mark Bareta
Bareta News Exclusive
June 19, 2020

Munyenge is one of the bloodiest place where amba boys killed over 18 other amba boys due to infighting. This munyenge massacre happened in 2018.

Mark Bareta

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